What is Fixed Wireless?

Let’s start with what it is NOT. Fixed wireless is not the same thing as satellite internet.   Both satellite and fixed wireless require a dish or antenna, and both provide a high-speed internet connection without using phone or cable lines, but there are some important differences that make fixed wireless the more attractive option.

The most obvious difference is that fixed wireless is not affected by weather as satellite is.  A satellite connection can be interrupted by weather conditions in your area, or at the central server location, or anything going on in the atmosphere.  Fixed wireless, however, is usually no higher than 500 feet or so, and the signal never travels up through the atmosphere, so storms or other weather conditions won’t interfere with the signal.  Another important difference is latency, or lag time.  Because the signal has a shorter distance to travel, latency is significantly less when using fixed wireless than with satellite internet.  This means that all your streaming and real-time applications will function at maximum efficiency.

What we like about fixed wireless as well, is that because of that low latency, you can use a VOIP system, which just adds flexibility in your overall business structure. We meet customers often who are on analog lines paying a lot of money, and on satellite internet paying $100-$200 a month. What we like to do, is explain the benefits of fixed wireless, compounded with VOIP, and watch as customers end up with nearly the same monthly spend but a VASTLY better network and way of doing business. No more “oh no, it’s raining, goodbye internet”.

Is there a Service Level Agreement? Yes 99.99% guaranteed uptime

Price Range? $200+ a month

How long for installation? 2-4 weeks

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