What is Fiber Internet?

Because fiber is the fastest internet available, you can transfer large amounts of data quickly and seamlessly. This means that whether you have a bunch of cameras at your business that are IP based, or few employees streaming Netflix on their break, your connection will be seamless and quick.

Fiber-optics uses light instead of electricity to transmit data, the frequencies that are used are much higher and the data capacity is much greater. These fiber cables are actually glass or plastic which is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference like metal cables can be. This allows data to flow over greater distances without degrading. Interesting? We think so! Interference and energy loss is the limiting factor for all types of communication transmissions and fiber optics handles these factors much better than other modes of transmission. In the future, more and more of our world will be connected via fiber optics as we outgrow the old copper-based coax/cable infrastructure.

The funny part is that you can know “Hey, ATT has a fiber line near me” and opt to go to them direct. But, what we do, is we find the partners of ATT that can actually a.) provider better customer service on the circuit b.) manage the circuit and communicate issues to you directly and c.) can often provide better pricing! That’s why working with us on any fiber interest you have is smart!

Is there a Service Level Agreement? Yes 99.99% guaranteed uptime

Price Range? $300+ a month

How long for installation? 1-3 months

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