VoIP Services

Rethink the way you communicate

Phones are a must for every business- but have you outgrown your system?

Maybe it’s money. Maybe it’s performance. Heck, maybe it’s even appearance of your dinosaur phones. Regardless of why, you found this page and may be thinking about a change. Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone systems have the ability to revolutionize the way you do business- both in the way you communicate internally with your team, and the way you interact with your customer base.

For starters, VOIP phone systems run on a data connection. At your business, your primary internet would be the backbone for the system. If you have bad internet, not to worry, we do a free internet audit to ensure your VOIP system will work great. The phones use the internet for connection, so when you want to add a phone number, it takes mere minutes to complete that project. Because the entire system is hosted in the cloud, if your building were to become compromised, you would still have access to your phone system remotely.


VOIP phones also have a much more robust suite of features: Call Recording, Corporate Directory, Customer Hold Music, Hot Desking, Paging, Call Barge, Whisper, Unlimited Extensions, Voicemail to Email, Free Fax, and the list goes on. These features come as part of VOIP offerings, so if you think your business can benefit from a better phone system, explore VOIP with us.

All those features are great, but perhaps you like to save money too? If you are moving from a traditional analog system, you can expect to save close to 45% on your monthly bill. If you are already on VOIP, we guarantee we can find a comparable VOIP system that will save you money on your monthly bill. 

If you are looking to upgrade your phone system, or save money, or both, contact us today so we can walk your through the world of VOIP and leave you with a solution you love.


A few case studies

customers that came to us with a need- and we found a solution that fit