VoIP and School Districts

When it comes to a school, or any organization that involves kids and a large number of individuals, our first concern is safety. We want to ensure that we would feel comfortable sending our own kids to this school, so when we meet with administrators, we make sure every feature is discussed: Broadcast Announcements, Remote Lockdown, Paging Integration and more. Essentially, we want to ensure communication is as seamless as possible so in the event of an emergency, messaging is sent out quickly and clearly. With our VOIP system knowledge, we can ensure every integration and feature for teachers and staff is available, and also ensure staff know how to communicate with parents most effectively. We have low-usage phones that allow the organization to get a discounted rate since phones in certain locations are rarely used. To summarize, schools looking at our VOIP solutions can find every option they need to be safe, secure, and save. What are you waiting for?

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