VoIP and Non-Profits

At our company, all our employees have spent time in their careers volunteering at non-profits. We know non-profits employees work a lot of hours, in a lot of places, and communicate in a lot of ways. We want to ensure their phone system is able to travel with them, giving the business the ability to interact with the community wherever they may be. Of course, cost will always be something for a non-profit to consider. We often find ourselves working with non-profits in a wholistic approach- looking at their entire spend on technology and finding ways to save and improve drastically. Looking at the cost of internet, phones, fax, alarm, and backups, we were able to lower the overall cost for those items while improving internet connectivity and bringing the phones into the 21st century. If you are part of a non-profit, drop us a line and we can ensure you get the right guidance as you look towards the future.

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