VoIP and Corporate Offices

Switching to a VOIP system with CaliCoders is an easy process. We learn a bit about what your company does, how you currently do it, what areas could use improving, and then we get to work. In this scenario of a corporate office, we found that things were done in a rather inefficient manner. Voicemails were often “sent to a black hole” and the most reliable way to transfer a call was to “scream at the person you wanted to send the call to”.

Through detailed analysis, we found that there were several features the company could benefit from: all call intercom, voicemail to email, fax to email, and whole office call monitoring. We went ahead and did a demo for the staff, and after everyone fell in love with it, the CEO expected a heavy price tag associated with it. Not only did we manage to get the phones for free, but we lowered their monthly cost by 15%, and gave everyone their own fax line. CaliCoders “showed us how behind we were when it came to technology” and “we managed to save money in the process- we are fans!”. Let CaliCoders know if you want to experience performance upgrades and savings today!

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