SSH Stopped Working

Went to login to the server today to get SSL going since I am going to be adding pages and doing some SEO work, and wouldn’t you know it, it failed. At first I thought I forgot my password since its been a bit since I logged in…after multiple attempts I was happy to find that Fail2Ban was working properly and promptly booted me right out.
While that was exactly what was supposed to happen, it did cause me to have to go through the web interface, unban my ip and try again…after a few tries of that I was able to see where it was failing using verbose mode…after some googling of course. Now on to trying to actually fix the problem. My initial thought is wipe it all out and reset it on my local machine and the remote. Trying to remember what all is currently using this ssh key is another story though.
Weird though…sftp still works and it is using ssh.


Turns out it is always the smallest things. Typo in saved login. Issue resolved in less time than it took to write this post.

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