Installing SSL

Getting at some more server work today, my original project for the day, installing SSL on CaliCoders site.
First just going to connect and run updates and such. Gross, still in verbose mode.
Ended up being a bit of a longer process than needed…steps were pretty easy, tracking down the little things that break were not. I am using Linode for hosting and while their documentation is fantastic, you do end up having to do some searching around for your exact distro to get it working properly. I ended up going with Letsencrypt for my SSL needs. Once actually figuring out all the flags, the install was straight forward and proper config files were modified as needed. Basically; update server, install git, clone letsencrypt, stop apache, run cert request with flags, start apache, reboot and test. I think I could have reloaded the apache config file instead of restarting but since its just this site…I was not worried about the 30 seconds it took to come back up.
All in all it turned out to be a great project to get knocked out today. I am adding pages and signup forms on the regular, so wanted to make sure I was not getting dinged by google for not having the cert installed.

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