Winter is Coming

Alright, we know that winter isn’t really coming. In fact our timing couldn’t be more off as we drift into summer here in SoCal. That being said, as you may have noticed, we have had our head down working on things all winter long. Getting systems dialed in place. Tweaking things to work better for our clients. Learning new technologies and how they can help our clients existing needs while saving them money. These are the things we care about here at CaliCoders.
We are looking to expand our client base even more this year and bring our excellent customer service to more businesses. So if you are an existing client and know someone that needs some IT love, shoot them our number or send us theirs. We want to spread the goodness to all kinds of businesses. We will be starting our newsletter in May. If you haven’t signed up yet, cruise on over and sign up! We will be featuring different services and technologies every month. All things business tech related.

CaliCoders, an MSP (Managed Service Provider) Story

So CaliCoders is getting into the MSP (Managed Service Provider) space. This kind of fell into our laps but you know what, we are good at it, and love putting stellar customer service to work for our clients. That being said, there is some infrastructure that comes with being able to properly offer these services. Since we were already a datto partner, we went ahead and signed up with their PSA tool which is Autotask. Being somewhat familiar with the PSA side of Autotask from prior experience, it seemed to make the most sense. This is an exciting time, looking for new clients, making sure the existing ones are getting the services they need and helping them do what they do best while leaving the IT to us.

Installing SSL

Getting at some more server work today, my original project for the day, installing SSL on CaliCoders site.
First just going to connect and run updates and such. Gross, still in verbose mode.
Ended up being a bit of a longer process than needed…steps were pretty easy, tracking down the little things that break were not. I am using Linode for hosting and while their documentation is fantastic, you do end up having to do some searching around for your exact distro to get it working properly. I ended up going with Letsencrypt for my SSL needs. Once actually figuring out all the flags, the install was straight forward and proper config files were modified as needed. Basically; update server, install git, clone letsencrypt, stop apache, run cert request with flags, start apache, reboot and test. I think I could have reloaded the apache config file instead of restarting but since its just this site…I was not worried about the 30 seconds it took to come back up.
All in all it turned out to be a great project to get knocked out today. I am adding pages and signup forms on the regular, so wanted to make sure I was not getting dinged by google for not having the cert installed.

SSH Stopped Working

Went to login to the server today to get SSL going since I am going to be adding pages and doing some SEO work, and wouldn’t you know it, it failed. At first I thought I forgot my password since its been a bit since I logged in…after multiple attempts I was happy to find that Fail2Ban was working properly and promptly booted me right out.
While that was exactly what was supposed to happen, it did cause me to have to go through the web interface, unban my ip and try again…after a few tries of that I was able to see where it was failing using verbose mode…after some googling of course. Now on to trying to actually fix the problem. My initial thought is wipe it all out and reset it on my local machine and the remote. Trying to remember what all is currently using this ssh key is another story though.
Weird though…sftp still works and it is using ssh.


Turns out it is always the smallest things. Typo in saved login. Issue resolved in less time than it took to write this post.